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  • Building a Digital Silk Road and Global Partnership for SDGS
  • Innovation and Demonstration of Big Data Application for Sustainable Development
  • Research on Big Earth Data to Support Sustainable Development Goals
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  • 2021-09-06 [Mon]
  • 2021-09-07 [Tue]
  • 2021-09-08 [Wed]
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2021-09-07 (UTC+8) Tue 2021-09-07 Local Time

13:30-17:00 (UTC+8) 13:30-17:00 Local Time | Big Earth Data in Service of SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities [Innovation and Demonstration of Big Data Application for Sustainable Development]
Live Session Ended
NO. Beijing Time (UTC+8) Local Time Type Talk Title Speaker
1 13:30-13:45 13:30-13:45 Oral Presentation

Big Data from Space – How data can change the way we see the urban world

Annes Taub Taubenböck
2 13:45-14:00 13:45-14:00 Oral Presentation

Remaking sustainability science in the era of big data

Xiaoling Zhang
3 14:00-14:15 14:00-14:15 Oral Presentation

Big Earth Data in support of the Urban Sustainable Development

Zhongchang Sun
4 14:15-14:30 14:15-14:30 Oral Presentation

Community resilience in a post-COVID world: data for climate resilience and disaster risk reduction

Bapon (shm) Fakhruddin
5 14:30-14:45 14:30-14:45 Oral Presentation

Urban landscape modelling and sustainable analysis with fusing crowdsourcing and remote sensing data

Shihong Du
6 14:45-15:00 14:45-15:00 Oral Presentation

Global observation of urban land-cover composite and thermal environment for improving urban sustainability

Yali Hou
7 15:30-15:45 15:30-15:45 Oral Presentation

Big EO Data Analytics and the Contemporary Urbanization in the Brazilian Amazon: Challenges and Opportunities for Bringing more Safety, Resilience and Sustainability in Rural-Urban Continuum Regions

Antonio Miguel Vieira Monteiro
8 15:45-16:00 15:45-16:00 Oral Presentation

Global impervious surface mapping using multi-source data and implication to SDG11

Dengsheng Lu
9 16:00-16:15 16:00-16:15 Oral Presentation

The indicator of surface disturbances for the sustainability assessment of world cultural heritage sites

Fulong Chen
10 16:15-16:30 16:15-16:30 Oral Presentation

Where to live? Housing affordability assessment of cities in China

Haimeng Liu
11 16:30-16:45 16:30-16:45 Oral Presentation

Large-scale road extraction from optical and SAR images using deep learning networks

Hongsheng Zhang
12 16:45-17:00 16:45-17:00 Oral Presentation

Interannual Variation of Natural Disaster Risk in China - A Municipal View from 2010 to 2020

Peng Zhang