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  • Building a Digital Silk Road and Global Partnership for SDGS
  • Innovation and Demonstration of Big Data Application for Sustainable Development
  • Research on Big Earth Data to Support Sustainable Development Goals
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  • 2021-09-06[Mon]
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2021-09-06 (UTC+8) Mon 2021-09-06 Local Time

13:30-15:00 (UTC+8) 13:30-15:00 Local Time | Session: Agriculture and food security 【Building a Digital Silk Road and Global Partnership for SDGS】
Live Session Ended
NO. China Standard Time (UTC+8) Local Time Type Subject Speaker
1 13:30-13:43 13:30-13:43 Oral Presentation

Progress of DBAR agriculture and food security working group

Bingfang Wu
2 13:43-13:56 13:43-13:56 Oral Presentation

Enhancing of food production through the integration of predictive digital agricultural systems

Andries Potgieter
3 13:56-14:09 13:56-14:09 Oral Presentation

GCI30: the first 30-m resolution global cropping intensity data using multisource remote sensing imagery

Miao Zhang
4 14:09-14:22 14:09-14:22 Oral Presentation

CropWatch4GEOGLAM: Development of advanced crop monitoring methods under GEOGLAM flagship

Hongwei Zeng
5 14:22-14:35 14:22-14:35 Oral Presentation

Does equal or proportional representation of the crops result in better crop identification?

Urs Christoph Schulthess
6 14:35-14:48 14:35-14:48 Oral Presentation

World Cereal: demonstrating global stocktake of agriculture at field scale

Sven Gilliam
7 14:48-15:00 14:48-15:00 Oral Presentation

The Integration of Optical and SAR Data for Quantification of Flood Impacts on Cropland: A Case Study in Mozambique

José Bofana