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  • Building a Digital Silk Road and Global Partnership for SDGS
  • Innovation and Demonstration of Big Data Application for Sustainable Development
  • Research on Big Earth Data to Support Sustainable Development Goals
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  • 2021-09-06[Mon]
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2021-09-07 (UTC+8) Tue 2021-09-07 Local Time

13:30-17:00 (UTC+8) 13:30-17:00 Local Time | Big Earth Data in Support of SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation 【Innovation and Demonstration of Big Data Application for Sustainable Development】
Live Session Ended
NO. China Standard Time (UTC+8) Local Time Type Subject Speaker
1 13:30-13:53 13:30-13:53 Oral Presentation

Rethinking water for SDG 6

Edoardo Borgomeo
2 13:53-14:16 13:53-14:16 Oral Presentation

Monitoring freshwater ecosystems from space in support of implementing SDG target 6.6

Stuart Crane
3 14:16-14:38 14:16-14:38 Oral Presentation

Spatiotemporal dynamics of vegetaed wetlands in China, 2000-2020

Zongming Wang
4 14:38-15:00 14:38-15:00 Oral Presentation

Long time series water extent analysis for SDG 6.6.1 based on the GEE platform

Weiguo Jiang
5 15:30-15:53 15:30-15:53 Oral Presentation

Precise Water and Sanitation Service Delivery through e-Household-based Survey: a case study from Indonesia

Fany Wedahuditama
6 15:53-16:15 15:53-16:15 Oral Presentation

Remote-sensed Forel-Ule Index, water clarity, and trophic state of global large lakes and reservoirs

Junsheng Li
7 16:15-16:38 16:15-16:38 Oral Presentation

The evaluation of global water use efficiency changes of crops based on remote sensing

Chaolei Zheng
8 16:38-17:00 16:38-17:00 Oral Presentation

Observations of water clarity in large lakes in eastern China with multisource remote sensing: Implications for SDG 6.3.2 evaluation

Hongtao Duan