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  • Building a Digital Silk Road and Global Partnership for SDGS
  • Innovation and Demonstration of Big Data Application for Sustainable Development
  • Research on Big Earth Data to Support Sustainable Development Goals
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  • 2021-09-06[Mon]
  • 2021-09-07[Tue]
  • 2021-09-08[Wed]
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2021-09-07 (UTC+8) Tue 2021-09-07 Local Time

13:30-17:00 (UTC+8) 13:30-17:00 Local Time | Big Earth Data in Support of SDG 2: Zero Hunger 【Innovation and Demonstration of Big Data Application for Sustainable Development】
Live Session Ended
NO. China Standard Time (UTC+8) Local Time Type Subject Speaker
1 13:30-13:48 13:30-13:48 Oral Presentation

Spatial pattern of cropland in China: evolution process, effects and reconstruction

Xiangbin Kong
2 13:48-14:06 13:48-14:06 Oral Presentation

Observation and simulation of global agricultural land dynamics based on remote sensing

Le Yu
3 14:06-14:24 14:06-14:24 Oral Presentation

Crop growth monitoring based on UAV multi-source remote sensing

Ran Meng
4 14:24-14:42 14:24-14:42 Oral Presentation

Cropped land dynamic change and spatial variations from 2010-2020 in Mediterranean Regions

Hongwei Zeng
5 14:42-15:00 14:42-15:00 Oral Presentation

Sustainable Intensification of cropland in China

Lijun Zuo
6 15:30-15:48 15:30-15:48 Oral Presentation

Delivery of land-based climate mitigation actions on the SDGs

皮特 史密斯
7 15:48-16:06 15:48-16:06 Oral Presentation

Global Crop Pest and Disease Habitat Monitoring and Risk Forecasting

Wenjiang Huang
8 16:06-16:24 16:06-16:24 Oral Presentation

Food production and climate change in China----spatial-temporal variations derived from modelling results with high resolution datasets

Wen Zhang
9 16:24-16:42 16:24-16:42 Oral Presentation

Big data for food security: case studies for SSA and SEA

Patricio Grassini
10 16:42-17:00 16:42-17:00 Oral Presentation

Global cropping system modelling: past, present and future

Liangzhi You