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ZOOM Webinars for all academic sessions are available during the International Forum on Big Data for Sustainable Development Goals. Attendees could enter these on-line conferences through the Forum Agenda column.

If you are one of the presenters of your session, please refer to your academic task letter and enter your webinar through the Panelist channel. This guideline will help all the attendees enter the webinar through the attendee channel.

The forum website will check if you have registered or not before you enter the webinar. Please make your registration first if you have not finished this process.

Step 1. Enter the Agenda page from our official website.
Step 2. Select your interested session and click on “Enter Conference”
Step 3. If you do not login your account before you enter the Forum Agenda, the website will turn to the login page. Please log in your account and re-select your webinar channel.

Step 4. Enter the ZOOM Webinar through the attendee channel.

Click here to download Online Speaker Guide