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Dear participants, when you come to participate in this conference, please refer to the information below, cooperate with the venue's epidemic prevention policy, complete the epidemic prevention inspection, and enter the exhibition hall.

  1. 1. The conference hall implements a door-to-door body temperature measurement system. Please cooperate with an infrared body temperature detector or staff to perform temperature measurement work.
  2. 2. Use the "Beijing Healthbao" software, select "Registration by Scanning Code for Personal Information", and enter the venue after scanning the QR code for registration.
  3. 3. There are disposable disinfection items in your conference materials, which can be used for protection during the meeting. The used anti-epidemic articles must be discarded in the designated garbage bin for unified disposal.
  4. 4. During the conference, smoking is prohibited throughout the venue. In case of peak hours for sign-in and registration, adjournment, or dining, please choose a passage with fewer people or perform activities at staggered peaks to avoid crowded people.
  5. 5. If you have been to a high-risk area within 14 days before the conference or have upper respiratory symptoms such as cough and fever within 3 months, you will be prohibited from participating in the conference according to the venue's epidemic prevention requirements.

The source of the above epidemic prevention requirements is the "BICC Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Plan (2020)". Delegates are requested to pay attention to browsing the website to learn about the updated information on the epidemic prevention and control policy.